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Protecting The Landscape You Love

It was not long ago that Arizona was known as the Wild West. This was mostly due to the beauty, mystery and ruggedness of our Sonoran Desert. Now construction and expansion threaten the beauty of our desert and all it has to offer. Our children see more shopping malls than Sagauro cactus.

We spend more time in front of the television or Xbox than we do hiking in the outdoors. We forgot why nature and nurture go hand in hand!

Desert Foothills Land Trust works with local land owners, companies, and municipalities to keep the desert safe from development without hindering the growth of Arizona. As a collaborative effort we all can save the wonder of our desert by thinking and working towards its conservation.

If you visit one of the Land Trust’s many preserves, you will see why keeping them safe will not only benefit the current population but also the future of our community. With the support of the community we can continue our efforts to preserve the natural landscape that makes Arizona a place people will want to live, visit and protect.

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