DFLT Preserves

Since 1991, Desert Foothills Land Trust has protected nearly 750 acres on 25 preserves. Many of these preserves are open to the public for recreation. Others are privately owned and protected by conservation easement. Access to these properties is by permission of the landowner and Land Trust only. We ask that you leave all preserves as you found them. We also love to hear about your experiences and see your photos of the preserves - please feel free to forward those to us!


Please note that we do not permit the harvest of any plants, animals or minerals on our preserves. These preserves are managed as habitat for wildlife and as recreational resources for future generations. The wildlife of our region depend on the seasonal bounty of our desert fruits, insects and other creatures use downed cactus and branches, and even leaving rocks in place will allow future visitors to experience the natural environment as we do today. We do occasionally permit researchers or other partners to conduct localized harvests of such things as saguaro fruit for conservation purposes. However, even then, over-ripe and green fruits remain on the saguaros for wildlife use and natural saguaro propagation. Permission for such uses must be obtained in advance from the Land Trust.


Thank you for respecting the conservation of our critical natural resources! 

Preserve Tours

Join our Docents to learn about the natural and cultural history of some of your Land Trust's beautiful preserves! Guided preserve tours are free, although we would love for hikers to consider joining us as a supporter, too.


Registration for guided hikes is required. Please use our online registration links on the events page to register, or call us at 480-488-6131. This allows us to share the meeting location, directions, special instructions or cancellations with you. 

Preserves Open to the Public

You are always welcome to enjoy our trails at the Jewel of the Creek Preserve, PA Seitts Preserve at Go John Canyon and Saguaro Hill. Several other preserves are also open to the public, although with limited parking or trail access. See the individual preserve pages for additional information. Preserves are open year round, dawn to dusk.


Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.