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Desert Foothills Land Trust 25th Anniversary

In 1991 Desert Foothills Land Trust (Land Trust) became an incorporated nonprofit organization. From that moment on the Land Trust has worked diligently to protect the natural beauty and wonder of the Sonoran Desert. The efforts of the Land Trust gained financial support from both the Cave Creek Improvement Association and the Foothills Community Foundation. These funds helped jump start the preservation the Land Trust is now known for. It was not even a year later when DFLT got their first land donation. The Herbert & Dorothy Watt Nature Preserve was the first of the 23 preserves that the Land Trust has protected over the years. Since 1992 nearly 700 acres have been permanently protected. With the generosity of land donations, to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to assist in this project, to the wonderful sponsors and fundraising activities, the Land Trust has grown in every way during the past 25 years.

With new activities from the first annual Desert Discovery Day in 2012 to the first annual “It’s Art for Land’s Sake” the Land Trust has been educating the community about the importance of protecting the landscape we all love.


For 25 years the staff, donors and volunteers have been able to watch the nature we belong to stay safe. The next 25 years belong to the new donors and volunteers.

Without the support of the community the efforts of the Land Trust will not be able to exceed the expectation they have already set in motion. The desert cannot speak for itself but with the Land Trust and our support, we can all be part of keeping the landscape we love safe from harm.

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