Desert Foothills Land Trust Staff

Vicki Preston, Executive Director

Vicki grew up in Northeast Ohio, near the shores of Lake Erie. Growing up surrounded by plentiful natural beauty instilled in her a passion for protecting the environment. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Vicki went on to work for local conservation groups. Before her love for the west brought her out to Arizona in the fall of 2010, Vicki was the Watershed Planning & Land Protection Coordinator with the Grand River Partners in Northeast Ohio. She is passionate about anything and everything to do with the outdoors including camping, kayaking, and fishing. Vicki joined the Land Trust staff in December 2011 as the Conservation Director.  In late 2016, she assumed her role as Executive Director and is proud to be a part of such an amazing group of dedicated members, volunteers, stewards, and supporters.





Mary Warren, Director of Community Engagement

Mary was born and raised in Indiana with four siblings on a self-sustaining farm. She is a conservationist at heart and prior to college worked with the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) as a crew member and youth leader. After graduating from Indiana University, she and her husband moved to Phoenix where their two sons were born. Because of her husband's job transfer, she left Arizona and spent 14 years in Michigan as an active volunteer at the local school, the treasurer of her HOA, a licensed real estate agent and the Relocation Director for her Brokerage before returning “home” to the desert. Mary loves to spend time with her family and friends, as well as to cook, garden, camp, hike, explore and kayak. She joined the Land Trust staff in August 2007 and is excited to be taking an active role in the mission of Desert Foothills Land Trust. 




Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.