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P.A. Seitts Preserve

P.A. Seitts Preserve

Currently DFLT owns 271 acres of the 500 acres of conservation land available in the Go John Canyon area. The land was purchased from the Arizona State Land Department in a period of three years (2000-2003) with four matching Growing Smarter grants from the Arizona State Parks Department. The other 50% was acquired using gifts from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, the Marshall Foundation, DFLT members and the Desert Foothills community. Originally named Go John Canyon Preserve, the property was renamed P.A. Seitts Preserve at Go John Canyon to honor the late Patricia Ann Seitts, a former executive director for the Land Trust who was instrumental in its preservation.

Go John Canyon includes the sensitive riparian habitat of Cave Creek Wash and provides critical habitat for a multitude of desert wildlife. Adjacent Cave Creek Regional Park, the preservation of this parcel helps create a critical wildlife corridor.

The vegetation is quite varied. Much of the slopes to the east and west of the creek host Arizona Upland vegetation characterized by foothills palo verde, saguaro, and several cholla species. There are areas of mesquite bosque along both sides of the creek.

There are several historically significant sites on the P.A. Seitts Preserve at Go John Canyon. The prehistoric archaeological sites appear to be associated with a very large village on the west bank of Cave Creek that connects with the prehistoric Hohokam village on Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area. In more recent times, a portion of the property was the site of the original Town of Cave Creek. A section of the Old Stage/Military Trail, which ran between Prescott and Phoenix in the late 1800’s, runs about one mile through the preserve, as well as the old historic cemetery.

DFLT will continue to work to protect the rest of Go John Canyon with the support of the community.

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