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Herbert & Dorothy Watt Preserve

Herbert & Dorothy Watt Preserve

The Watt Preserve is a 7-acre property that is shaded with ancient cottonwoods and is hidden from view by the vegetation that flourishes along Cave Creek, one of the last perennial streams in Maricopa County. This lush riparian area was the first gift of land to DFLT. The 1991 donation focused attention on the goal to protect as much of Cave Creek as possible.

A thousand years ago the area served as home to the ancient Hohokam people (ca A.D. 1 – 1450). An archaeological survey found pit houses, agave roasting pits and pot shards nearby that give silent evidence of their attraction to the creek and the wildlife it supports.

Today, the Watt Preserve remains a pristine haven for the unique wildlife and plants of the Sonoran Desert. Per the donors' wishes, this property was to be set aside as a wildlife sanctuary, and will not be open to the public.

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