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Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure

Age Group

3 - 7 years


10 minutes

Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure


Barbara Renner

Barbara Renner is a retired teacher who believes reading enhances an understanding of the world around us. As a classroom presenter, she reads her books and facilitates lessons to children of all ages. She and her husband have lived in Arizona for over 40 years and enjoy watching the quail scurry around their neighborhood. To learn more about Barbara or to purchase one of her books you can visit her website at

About this lesson

Quincy the quail is a little clumsy, but his family loves him and all the adventures he leads them on around their desert home. When Quincy finds himself in trouble, an unlikely friend comes to his rescue. Join author Barbara Renner to discover some interesting facts about the Sonoran Desert as she shares one of three fun stories about Quincy.

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