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Age Group

8 to adult


6 minutes



Rita Goldner

Rita Goldner is an award- winning author and illustrator of children's books. Her passion for nature, and love of drawing and writing, made picture books a great fit for her. Rita hopes that instilling an understanding of endangered animals/habitats and global ecology will ensure that her readers strive to preserve all this when they grow up. Her latest book, Agent H2O Rides the Water Cycle, is available for purchase at

About this lesson

Eagles are birds of prey that are known for the their amazing eyesight and hunting skills. Learn more fascinating facts about Eagles from author and illustrator, Rita Goldner, as she also shows you how to draw your own picture of an eagle. Materials you will need are a regular pencil, a red pencil, a black marker, white paper and a reference picture of an eagle. Click on this link for a picture you can print:

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