The history behind our hills - and overview of the geology of the Carefree Basin

The Geology of the Carefree Basin
On top of Saguaro Hill
Tuesday, February 20
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Experience the geological wonder of our local landscape by joining us on the top of Saguaro Hill for a discussion on the formations that make up the incredible views. Local biologist and charter member of Desert Foothills Land Trust, Steve Jones, will present an overview of the geology of the Carefree Basin. This presentation will take place at the Caroline Bartol Preserve on Saguaro Hill. The preserve provides a 360 degree view of our foothills area. Located next to the Desert Foothills Library in the heart of Cave Creek the Saguaro-peppered hillside serves as a gorgeous backdrop for the entire town. 

Don't miss out! Space is limited so please register early to reserve your spot.


Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.