Photographers shared their photos of Black Mountain or Daisy Mountain to

celebrate our incredible natural landscapes!


We are pleased to announce the incredibly talented winners of the 2015 Mountains of the Land Trust Photo Contest. Black Mountain and Daisy Mountain are iconic landmarks in our communities, and these photographers certainly used their skill and talent to celebrate the mountains. Online voting by more than 500 people resulted in the selection of the following Peoples’ Choice Award winners:


  • First place, Peoples’ Choice Awards: Mike Burns (Black Mountain)

  • Second place, Peoples’ Choice Awards: Chad Kwiatkowski (Black Mountain)

  • Third place, Peoples’ Choice Awards: Tammy Manganelli (Daisy Mountain)


We are also grateful to the professional photographer judges - Don Asakawa, Richard Rubenstein and Jerry Sieve - for judging the 71 entries and selecting their top three picks. The top three selections from the professional photographer judges are:


  • First place, Professional Photographers’ Awards: Diane Vaszily (Black Mountain)

  • Second place, Professional Photographers’ Awards: Jeff Kerner (Black Mountain)

  • Third place, Professional Photographers’ Awards: Robert Elenbaas (Daisy Mountain)


Prizes for the winners included a glider flight donated by Dane Palermo of Overflow Pool Repair and a Lake Pleasant daily sightseeing cruise for two donated by Lake Pleasant Cruises. Other winners received a variety of gift cards to local businesses. 


By calling attention to the beauty and majesty of Black Mountain and Daisy Mountain, these talented photographers help Desert Foothills Land Trust inspire support for local land conservation, and connect people to the incredible landscapes right here in our communities.




Diane Vaszily 1st place professional photographers choice
Mike Burns 1st place peoples choice
Jeff Kerner 2nd place professional photographers choice
Chad Kwiatkowski 2nd place peoples choice
Robert Elenbaas 3rd place professional photographers choice
Tammy Manganelli 3rd place peoples choice
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Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.