Daisy Mountain

One of Desert Foothill Land Trust's priorities is the conservation of Daisy Mountain as an irreplaceable asset for the North Valley region.


Save Daisy Mountain Committee (SDMC)

The Save Daisy Mountain Committee (SDMC) is working to support this strategic Desert Foothills Land Trust priority.  


SDMC Purpose

We work to permanently preserve Daisy Mountain including its unique natural resources, open spaces, wildlife corridors, and historic/geologic features while providing connectivity with surrounding trail systems for the enjoyment of current and future generations.


SDMC Vision

To partner with local, state and national conservation organizations along with local, county, state and federal entities to preserve Daisy Mountain as a premier natural area and recreation destination in the North Valley region.


How SDMC fullfills it's Purpose

  • Partnering with the Anthem Community Council and New River/Desert Hills Community Association on common concerns.

  • Planning and supporting trails on and around Daisy Mountain for hiking, biking, and equestrian use.

  • Advocating sound land use policies.

  • Working with transportation and land-use planners to protect the land and to reduce the impacts of noise, air, and light pollution.

  • Engaging in and promoting conservation education and research.


Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.