Carefree Heritage Preserve

40 acres

10 acres owned by DFLT; 30 acres owned by Carefree and managed jointly with DFLT

Restricted public access - guided DFLT tours


This property has been a conservation priority for many, many years. It supports important wildlife habitat, including year-round surface water, as well as sensitive cultural resources. Desert Foothills Land Trust worked with the Town of Carefree and a private landowner to arrange the Town's purchase of 30 acres of land, as well as the donation of 10 acres to the Land Trust. The 40 acres are managed jointly by the Town and DFLT.  Due to the rugged terrain, difficulty of access, and the sensitivity of the site, this property is not currently open to the public. However, we are developing a long-term management plan for this preserve, including incorporation of public access.



Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.