Apollo Astronaut Training: From the Floor of the Grand Canyon to the Mountains on the Moon.

An informative presentation by Dr. James W. Rice, Astrogeologist.

Wednesday, February 27, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

at Desert Foothills Library

38443 N. Schoolhouse Rd., Cave Creek 85331

Join Desert Foothills Land Trust and Desert Foothills Library as we host this informative discussion on the exciting history and pivotal role that the state of Arizona played in one of mankind's greatest achievements: landing astronauts on the moon!


Dr. Rice will provide insight on how the Americans came from behind to accomplish what many thought to be impossible. The Apollo Program was formed by NASA in the 1960's with the goal of beating the Soviet Union to the moon which became known as the infamous "Space Race". With the 50th anniversary of this Apollo Program achievement approaching it is the perfect time to remember and celebrate this great chapter in American history.

Admission is free, but space is limited so registration is required to attend.

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Together we will work to protect the landscape we love.